And So The Balance Shifts

History is not the only one who has its eyes on you. We The People also have our eyes on those who represent us, or at least we should. This site has been created as an attempt to help with that.

I will use this site to post links to bills that are making their way through Congress that I want to keep track of for one reason or another.

Maybe I oppose the bill, or perhaps just a portion of it; perhaps I agree with the bill and want to make sure that congress sees it through; or maybe it is just something I want to keep an eye on, as its wording may make it appear harmless, however underneath it may simply be pleasant words concealing something more disagreeable. Quite possibly, I may simply keep track of a bill that might just be a bit confusing and I would like to keep an eye on it until I can find someone who can clear up exactly what that bill is capable of achieving.

Whatever the reason, if you find yourself wishing to keep track of some of the same legislation that I do, feel free to bookmark this site and check back from time to time and I will try to post updates with more legislation, as well as potentially any letters to Senators or members of the House that I might write, and any responses I may receive.

Your obedient servant,